Hands Down (aka songwriter/producer Filip Sjörgren) caught our ears with the melancholy indie pop of his latest creation, “Never Been That Happy.” Falsetto vocals that would make Thom Yorke blush carry this one along – they sit atop Sjörgren’s epic brand of dark electronica, layered thick with arpeggiated synths and gauzy, reverb-drenched atmosphere.

About “Happy,” Sjörgren says:

What I like about this song is the double meaning. It can mean ‘I’ve never been that happy’, as in ‘I’ve always been sad’. Or it can mean ‘I’ve never been that happy’. It’s open to interpretation. I like that, because it means people can listen to the lyrics and interpret them in their own way.”

If you like “Never Been That Happy” as much as we do, you can find it on Spotify or Apple Music.