Our Swedish friend Bjorn Rydhog is known for his uplifting indie-pop tunes – we’d like to draw your attention to one of our new faves, a tune he likes to call “Let’s Not Get Old.” Rydhog is expanding his sound by experimenting with a more electronic-based feel… Expect a bouncing, nu-disco backbone, layered lush with sparkling synths and Rydhog’s charming vocals.

About “Let’s Not Get Old,” Rydhog says:

[this song is] trying to express the beauty and love that’s all around. Music that’s perfect for listening alone under the starlit sky, as well as accompanying the warm and sweaty post-pandemic party nights. A musical companion guiding us over troubled water.”

Preview “Let’s Not Get Old” using the Soundcloud widget below – if you like it, make sure you add it to your next Spotify playlist.