Louisville, KY-based act GRLwood get anxious and raucous on their latest offering, “Keep It Average.” With a gut-wrenching howl, singer Rej Forester teams up with the thundering drums from drummer Mia Morris for this soul-searching indie rocker. The duo uses their screaming guitars and big percussion vibes to ponder the meaning of life – it’s a song about wanting to pursue things that might make your life better, but being held back by a potential risk. Rej more eloquently explains below:

“To be able to love fully, you have to risk being hurt fully. To be able to take hold of success completely, you have to take the risk to fail fully. The world is a beautiful and bright place for those looking for that, as it is dismal and sad for those looking for that. Reflect back to the world what you want, no matter what it’s given you in the past, because you are making your own future, right now.”

You can also find “Keep It Average” on Spotify.