Dream Prescription are a NYC-based duo that craft a unique blend of synth-pop and post-punk; we think you should start with their latest song, “Status Quo.” Between the laser precision of their icy synth stabs and and obvious ear for melody, “Status Quo” sounds like an amalgamation of the 80s and early 2000s with a spicy, contemporary mix. Be sure to stick around for the chorus for a bit of an Interpolesque vocal hook. About the song, the band states:

“In ‘Status Quo’, we’re exploring the tension between a deep desire for change and the security of having things stay the way they are. The vignettes in the song’s verse lyrics evoke disconnection and distance within a relationship, while the chorus looks for way out of this stuck place by asking questions that are not easily answered.”

You can find “Status Quo” on both Spotify and Apple Music.