Catered with a visual, Saratoga Springs’ very own grape juice! gave us just what we needed a month before Valentine’s day with “Goodbyes Suck.” The trio consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Hunter, “The Talent;” bassist Jesse, “The Sugar;” and last but not least, percussionist Mike “The Spice.” If you’re looking for an audible pick-me-up, look no further, lyrics such as “Goodbyes suck, but so do early mornings, grab a cup of coffee and move on.” The level of wholesome grape juice! spoils us with is similar to dinner at your grandma’s house after you told her you haven’t eaten all day… That is, if your grandma specialized in warbly guitars and bedroom-indie perfection somewhere in between Mac Demarco, Vampire Weekend, and your favorite Midwest emo band.

Listen on Spotify and Apple Music – lots more options via Linktree as well.