One-of-a-kind indie rock act Foyer Red is back with another stellar single called “Etc.” Call it freak-punk, call it avant-garde, or just straight up indie rock, “Etc.” is full of wonky guitar riffs, nimble bass licks, and unique harmonies that are sure to strike you in a way you’ve never felt/heard before. Between the unique, jaunty rhythms and the overall carefree vibes, “Etc” sounds like it could be the soundtrack to a fun house (that’s a genuine compliment… Somehow). About the song, singer Elana Riordan says:

“My character in ‘Etc’ finds themselves in a dysfunctional relationship in which gender informs internal struggles of power and control.”

We’re Foyer Red stans – in case you missed it, check out our previous features of “Slander,” “Pickles,” and “Flipper.

“Etc” is out now on Carpark Records – it can be found on Apple Music and Spotify, along with the rest of Foyer Red’s stellar discography.