We’ve never heard anything quite like “Slander” by Foyer Red… Their songs are playfully chaotic – featuring plucky guitar riffing, squiggly synth arrangements, dueling vocals, tempo changes, and even a bit of whistling. The first single from their upcoming EP Zigzag Wombat (October 22) is called “Slander” – it’s an ode to a World of Warcraft nemesis who liked to pwn noobs. For such an effervescent song, it’s a fitting subject matter with a charming backstory. Their quirky approach is a bit like Speedy Ortiz, Great Grandpa, or Deerhoof. Fans of any of the aforementioned should check this out for sure.

If you’re digging “Slander,” check it out via Soundcloud below. You can then swing by Spotify or Apple Music for your streaming needs.