Buffalo producer EdWang has a knack for remixing songs, giving them vibrant, weird beats. Mad Dukez is one of Buffalo’s premier MCs, and has a CMJ chart topping album to his name. 2013’s Gettin’ Gatsby was a critically acclaimed collaboration between Dukez and Toronto beatsmith Fresh Kils. EdWang has taken to reinventing some of the album’s songs, along with a couple of the duos tracks from The Open Affair EP in a new EP with Mad Dukez, with the DOOM-esque blended name MadWang.

One of the two Open Affair tracks on the project, “World Wide” features a delicious beat of trap sounds and video game blips and bloops. “Rearview Reminders,” an inspiring track appreciating the path you’ve taken, features Rhymesayers artist Blueprint. On Gatsby, the beat was a mellower one, built around some humanized drums. EdWang takes his version in the opposite direction, making his beat heavy on robotic synths. The newly imagined track has a completely different feel from it’s 2013 version. Gettin’ Gatsby’s standout title track also got some remixing from Ed. MadWang’s version is a stripped-down quieter song with a much different feel to it.

EdWang consistently comes through with the unorthodox quality beats, something we’ve seen in the past with his projects with Duce. MadWang is some more thoughtful, worthwhile tuneage. It’s interesting to see the route that each producer took for each track, and the contrasts that Ed went with in his recreations. Listen and discover your favorites below.