If you’ve been at all involved with the Buffalo music scene over the past few years, you should be no stranger to the local indie-emo trio, Del Paxton.  Following their debut in 2013, and a split 7″ in 2015, the trio are gearing up for a full length via Topshelf Records, a major label in the modern “emo revival” scene.  While you’ve probably heard them play this track at various shows over the past year, we are finally being treated to the long awaited studio recordings.

“Take It To The Limit” follows the band’s theme of introspective lyrics and math rock inspired instrumentals,  but this track carries an overall much more refined feeling.  The song is one of the band’s most driving yet, featuring catchy riffs, dynamic drums, killer melodies, and almost playful backing vocals all coming together to create overall incredible balance and composition.  While their more obvious, classic, emo influences like Braid and Hot Rod Circuit are there,  this track brings seems totally unique within the scene of the more modern emo revival bands.

All Day, Every Day, All Night is out March 3rd on Topshelf records.  Check out the new track below, and head over to their website for preorder info and more.  The band’s LP release show is at Mohawk Place on March 3rd with Yellow House, Sonny Baker, and more.

Photo by Brendan O’Connor