New York based indie-pop duo Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker are the two halves that make up Daisy the Great, and “Looking U Up” is their latest single. If you’ve ever opened up Tik Tok, you may have heard their single “The Record Player Song” off of their debut EP I’ve Got a Few Friends and I Wish they Were Mine; this led to some success clocking in with over five million streams since 2019. “Looking U Up” is a fun romp with crooning guitars and cheeky lyrics about dating in the social media age and (as you may have guessed) getting stuck on someone. Fans of Lucy Dacus and Wet Leg (with less sex puns) would find a lot to enjoy here, and with work progressing on a new album happening now, you shouldn’t have to wait too much longer!

You can hear “Looking U Up” on Bandcamp, Spotify or Apple Music, along with the rest of their impressive catalogue of songs.