Tapeworms is a three piece indie electronica act hailing from Lille, France. Synth and effects galore abound in this delightful romp that I can best describe as a tasty cloud with a 16-bit aftertaste. Fans of Purity Ring, MGMT, or lo-fi indie beats would be right at home with Tapeworms and their whimsical vibe. “Puzzle” doesn’t fall into the trap of being overproduced and is easily accessible for someone who is looking to expand their horizons beyond the usual three or five piece with guitars/bass/drums.

Speaking to “Puzzles” (from the band’s Facebook) they had this to say:

“This one is pretty special to us. We wrote it together, over an afternoon, during last summer and it felt truly soothing. It’s a hymn to lazy, boring days, longing for connection and personal completeness.”

You can hear “Puzzles” on Spotify or the embedded Bandcamp link below. You can also catch the band on their Twitch Channel to chat or watch them play games on Fridays. The fact that Katamari Damacy seems to be their game of choice seems incredibly on brand (look up “Katamari OST” and you’ll see what I mean).