One listen through We’ll See How The Year Goes and you’ll realize why Consequences is quite a fitting name. You might remember Sworts as the whirling dervish that fronted Buffalo emo-punks Real People (before their untimely demise last year). This time around, Sworts has traded in his dynamic electric guitar work for an acoustic guitar.

WSHTYG is a four-song EP that capitalizes on heartbreak, strife, and the mental games that one must navigate while they struggle through their twenties. “Everything Will Work Out” finds Sworts lamenting “I wish I knew then what I know now.” It quickly becomes apparent that WSHTYG is full of introspective lyrics contemplating the true meaning of love, what it means to be in a relationship, and how another person might define who you are.

Throughout the EP, Sworts’ voice wavers perfectly, his high range sitting fragile on top of the otherwise barren acoustic tracks. Tracks like “Irreparable Damage” sound reminiscent of late-90s emo heroes American Football but is rooted solely by Sworts’ spiraling acoustic guitar riffs. The result sounds incredibly vulnerable and sincere.

“I’m Not That Man Anymore” draws from strong Buffalo imagery to set the scene, but quickly changes to confessionals about being more centered and stable day-by-day despite a broken heart. Sworts’ yearns for the simplicity of drinking gin on the floor of a West Side apartment. Don’t we all?

We’ll See How The Year Goes is currently available for a “pay what you want” rate on Bandcamp.