Dazzling electropop act Cellars draws up an 80s-inspired dance track for the ages with her single “All The Time.” The mix of bubbly percussion, strident synths, and circular melodies conjure visions of leg warmers and scrunchies, when neon-hued pop was king. The brainchild of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Allene Norton, Cellars has taken shape in a variety of forms over a 5 year lifetime, but has never strayed from its sparkly synthpop roots. Citing influence from the likes of Madonna, Yaz, and Prince, it’s hard not to catch some of the infectious energy Norton channels our way. After a life-threatening health experience nearly a year ago, she is back and ready to light up the Austin, Texas music scene once more. Get hooked on “All The Time” via Manimal Vinyl Records below.