Welsh songwriter Bryde employs her newest single “Desire” as a means to grapple with impulsiveness and the by-any-means-necessary approach to self-gratification inherent in humankind.  As told by the song’s ardently delivered lyrics, “we tie ourselves up and we tear ourselves down” while “we paint our faces and we tear our hair out” all in the name of desire.

The rhythmic guitar laced throughout the verses inhabits a brooding quality but escalates to more anthemic, power pop-esque riffage once the track reaches the chorus.

Chris Sorum and CJ Marks, the latter credited with assistance on recent works from PJ Harvey, St. Vincent and Wolf Alice, are responsible for the song’s pleasingly raw-sounding production.

The almost undetectable utterance of “yeah” once the song ends points to satisfaction with the end result, like a weight was lifted. Listeners could, and should, foreseeably feel the same.

Bryde’s debut album is slated for release in spring 2018.