Brimstone Blondes, the now-defunct former high school turned collegiate all-stars, resurfaced out of nowhere last last week with the music video for the track “Do U Wanna Make-Out?,” a cut from the band’s 2014 release AGE OF CONSENT. The quartet had a very busy start of 2015, embarking on an ambitious multi-city tour and picking up weekend dates and festivals well into the spring.

The video for “Do U Wanna Make-Out?” is spliced between two realities – one is the backyard goofiness of the Buffalo suburbs featuring the most recent lineup, complete with synchronized swimming, rooftop guitar playing, and numerous costumes. The other shows snippets of lead man Matthew Danger Lippman’s more psychedelic side, featuring a longer-haired, makeup-clad, seen-a-lot-of-shit version of himself.

Watch the clip below, and make sure to follow the Blondes on FB for any further surprise announcements.