Our friend from Bergen, Bo Milli, is back with another single, the angsty indie rocker “FOMO.” Specializing in brutally honest lyrics, Bo outlines the struggles of modern love through her use of crunchy guitars; anxious and urgent chord switches; and her glassy-eyed vocal prowess. Fans of Soccer Mommy, Lomelda, and the almighty Phoebe Bridgers are going to find lots to love here. About the song, Bo explains:

I like writing lyrics that sketch out what someone would say to another person if they were actually honest. In that vein, ‘FOMO’ is about the breaking point in a casual relationship where I lose my cool – in a very literal sense: while that other person is out partying with cool people, I’m unable to hide my true feelings on the matter, unable to stay emotionally distant and hard-to-get. It’s about losing a game you’ve been engaged in with someone, because you care more. And it’s about the ‘fear of missing out’ that constant digital insight into other peoples life has fostered.

ICYMI, here’s our write up on a previous Bo Milli song, “How It Is.”

Check out “FOMO” on Spotify too.