Music is a part of everyone’s life, but to some people, it means just a little bit more.
Instrument players and concert lovers, turntable and stereo aficionados, CD collectors, and emerging artists all enjoy music to the extreme.

When the music fan you are closest to has a birthday or you need a holiday gift idea for them, you might opt for the standard band merch or yet another album to play. It’s time to start thinking outside the box for your friends who love music.

Concert tickets can be a fun idea but can really break the bank. New instruments are also pretty expensive, and they probably don’t need anymore.

Creative gifts with meaning are the way to go to really make an impression on your music-loving friends. But how do you know which ideas are going to make them smile?

Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for the music fans in my life.

Spontaneous Board Game


Breakaway from the typical music-themed gifts and have a little fun instead. Everyone loves a good board game, and a music lover would go crazy for one that allows them to sing their favorite lyrics.

The game Spontaneous is so much fun to play even for those who have no musical talent whatsoever. All it takes is knowing a few songs and being able to think on your feet.

Players get the chance to show their music knowledge by shouting out song lyrics! The game consists of cards with word prompts on them, and players have to think quickly of song lyrics that use that word. The first player to shout out lyrics gets to advance on the game board.

While singing is not required, it definitely makes the game more fun! Music lovers will absolutely enjoy using all the lyrics that are stored in their brains.



Listening to music or playing an instrument is a great way to wind down and chill out at the end of a long day. Burning incense would make a great addition to any relaxing jam session.

Incense serves many purposes, like for aromatherapy or just to make a room smell nicer. It is great to burn some incense while listening to music to set the right mood in the room.

Cool Things Chicago made a great list of the best incense sticks. The music fan you are closest to might already have a scent they enjoy, or you can have fun picking out the perfect one.

If they are new to incense, you might also choose an incense burner that they would love to put on display. There are many different styles, some of which are themed to music!

Incense is a great tool for anyone who enjoys new smells. Fans of music can add it to their daily music routine with ease because it can make the listening or playing experience a little more fun.

Vinyl Record Drink Coasters


Any old table coasters are definitely not that exciting of a gift. Those that have an interesting, eye-catching design, however, are definitely fun to unwrap.

Music fans would go crazy for these vinyl record drink coasters. They look just like genuine vinyl records, just a quarter of the size!

Serving drinks will become that much more fun with these cute coasters involved. They’ll make a statement in the room and be the perfect conversation piece.

Each coaster in the set looks like a record from a different artist. There are many variations of the sets, so there’s no telling which artists you might choose!

This is a small way to make your music fan smile with something that they can use every day.

Kool8 Reusable Water Bottle


It is important for singers and musicians to stay hydrated to make sure they perform at their best. Even if they don’t perform, anybody needs to hydrate all day to stay healthy.

If you have to drink water anyway, why not do it in style? Give the music lover in your life a modern Kool8 water bottle that they can use all day, every day.

Kool8 bottles are perfect for carrying any beverage that users want to keep hot or cold. It comes with a tea infuser for the perfect hot tea and can easily hold coffee and plain water too!

The stainless steel material is durable to prevent daily wear and tear while also providing awesome insulation.

The Kool8 bottle comes in vibrant colors to suit the style of any user. Music fans will love the brightness of them and can even decorate them with stickers from their favorite musicians.

Guitar-Shaped Wall Hooks


Decorating a room is difficult without the right tools. Music fans might opt for a musical-themed design that you can help them pull off.

To make them feel more organized and still keep up with a musical style, these guitar-shaped wall hooks can make a huge difference.

They can hold the weight of any bag, jacket, or umbrella that they might need to hang. They are also made to last and are easy to install.

These hooks are such a unique touch to add to any music lover’s living environment. They will never want to use plain hooks after seeing how awesome their space looks with these guitar-shaped ones.

Bluetooth Beanie


People who love music want to listen to it all the time, even when they shouldn’t be. It can be hard to wear headphones discreetly, and it can also be tough to wear them when it is cold outside. Hats make it tough to keep them in your ears.

A hat with built-in speakers for on the go and in the cold listening would make a fan of music so excited. Give them a bluetooth beanie to listen to music anywhere, any time.

This hat is so unique because of how comfortable it is. No annoying wires or batteries, just awesome sound quality, and a charging port.

This is perfect for outdoor winter sports or simple walks in the cold. It will make life a little simpler for the people who love to listen to music at all times.

There are so many options to make music fans happy. Give them any gift that they can use to enhance their musical skills or just have a little bit of fun.