Dwayne Applewhite is a smooth operator. Coming off of the successful Pharaogamo project, the rapper  is dropping quality, multi-faceted tracks left and right. The talented MC uses his soft voice to do double duty as both a rapper and a singer. Songs like “4AM Meditation” feature more of this melodic singing from the 23-year-old, but on “23” he saves his chops for a memorable chorus and sticks to the floetry for his verses.

“23” is both a celebration and a warning. Applewhite is proud of where he’s at at just 23, but the demons he’s overcome for now are just waiting in the mist. He feels trapped by his surroundings, and questions his faith in it all with lines like”Why do these Jesus pieces got me puzzled?” He’s introspective, weary, and chocked full of profound thoughts. Here’s to hoping Applewhite reflects on his future years with the same diligence as “23.”