Demonstrated by the strength of the ironically powerful lead single “The Powerless,” rapper Decide‘s Struggle Inside EP is a motivating, empowering hip hop project. The five-track prepper focuses on day-to-day struggles we face, from struggles with work, to relationship woes, finally settling on closer “The Powerless.” Decide holds no punches as he calls for people to get off their asses and chase what they want. It begins with the line “Imagine me doing nothing just sitting around, looking at wall trying to figure something out.” He remains direct with his bars, and isn’t a fan of feeling sorry for one’s self.

Production on the EP is varied, courtesy of the beatmaker Anno Domini Nation. “Rap Shit” has the bombastic thumps and charming piano keys of a Dr. Dre song. “Illusion of Choice” is both cloudy and epic. But “The Powerless” is classic hip hop. Chopped up vocal samples comprise the main melody, and there’s lyrical “Power” excerpts scratched into the hook. All-in-all, Decide is a straight-shooting hip hop maestro, and his hard-working background leaves no sympathy for the lazy.  “To all the people giving a fuck, keep your heads up high and your cheeks held dry. To all the people stuck in a rut, stay depressed fucker, I couldn’t care less.” Listen to “The Powerless” and the rest of Struggle Inside below.