Worse Things is a fresh new three-piece from Buffalo whose debut EP is currently ripe for your listening pleasure. A self-titled endeavor, Worse Things is a six-song EP full of heavy and swirly post-hardcore/emo. Their emotive sound is propelled largely by grungy guitars and gravely vocals; it smarts of fellow sludgy emo-centric bands like Citizen, Basement, or Glassjaw.

Opening track “Stay Away” is a burst of emotional energy and acts as a perfect introduction to Worse Things’ songwriting approach. First and foremost, this trio truly embraces the nature of being a three piece. Sure, guitar leads and flourishes pepper these tracks throughout the EP… But guitarist Zach Bennett layers his main guitar thick with distortion and swirly modulation, while bassist Anthony Fadale holds down a thick low end. Drummer Rob Ohlenschlager is full of energy, filling every song with precise, blistering drum fills. Loud, lush bands like Worse Things typically function best as a quartet or quintet, pairing multiple guitars and singers – turns out this trio is pulling it off just fine.

With each listen, the subtle nuances packed into Worse Things become more and more apparent. Song two, “Over My Head,” boasts one of the hookiest choruses on the album, defined by a chuggy, start-stop guitar rhythm that is instantly ear catching. The half-time bridge in “Dirt” (2:28) highlights a cascading guitar lead that might be my favorite part of the album. “No Place For Me” is the swirliest moment on the album, layered thick with a phaser effect.

Worse Things is available for purchase on Bandcamp.