Wife and Kids, a newer name in the scene (with some familar faces), have been gaining traction with their candid alt-folk balladry and sweet sense of melody. The duo is composed of Alex Behrens and Joe Morganti (also in SPACED and gas station.) and a quick stream or two of their music shows these guys are downright talented.

Wife and Kids’ tender yet poppy strain of indie-folk and strong singer-songwriter chops are on full display in their first two singles, “Possible” and “Way Back When.” Even still, the duo’s latest, “Magnesium,” might be their best yet.

The lyrics on “Magnesium” have a real, personal, and weighty quality to them. The singer touches on brief yet sentimental ideas throughout the track, giving the feeling of flipping through a scrapbook of related but separate memories. Despite the lyrical ideas feeling somewhat disparate at times, them being together feels quite important to the songwriter’s greater sense of self.

“Magnesium” has a great pace to it musically that goes in tandem with the words. There’s never a dull moment and the track is full of feeling and sonic variety. The catchy lead vocals are a chief part of this but also don’t sleep on the creative drum parts by Rob Brennan and crafty production decisions by Jay Zubricky.

Wife and Kids are only just starting to release, but they’re already one of the groups you should be most excited about as they peel back the layers and impress with a fresh acoustic sound.

Stream their latest single “Magnesium” on Spotify and Apple Music. Consider checking out the music video for another song they recently dropped, “Possible.” For all other ways to support Wife and Kids, check out this helpful Linktree link.