Alex Lewis, AKA, Turinn is an English electronic producer based out of Manchester. From his debut record, 18 1/2 Minute Gaps on the always stand out label, Modern Love, drops the single of the same name. The title is a reference to the 18 minutes of unexplained erased audio, that in part led to the impeachment of Nixon. The inclusion here makes sense, and plays with the idea of absence revealing truth. “18 1/2 Minute Gaps” doesn’t waste time, jumping right into a moody house style beat that sits on top of a rich and dark synth. A quick shot here and there of high pitched, feigned, jazz style synth notes cuts through the gloomy fog of the beat. It’s an incredible blend of textures and electronic genres. The jazz synth itself is a very mutilated James Blake sample from one of his early dub EPs, that’s almost been turned unrecognizable. Fans of Burial or Autechre would love Turinn’s latest.