You wouldn’t necessarily guess it upon first listen, but Space Wolves’ music offers up an interesting contradiction. The duo, comprised of Chris Scamurra and Nick Reynolds, pairs woeful lyrics with docile instrumentals, then runs it all through a sprightly, retro-pop filter. Of course, it’s a little naive to to think that happy sounding music always equates to happy subject matter, but SW’s version of this contradiction really resonates. To me, it’s the very real angst that a lot of us self-doubting, nervous ninnies feel, masked in the sunny tint of a 60’s sitcom.

In a similar fashion to Newish Star, Space Wolves have very few songs over two and half minutes, making each one a quick jab that knocks you back because you’re either A) relating all too well to the tragedies of heartbreak and debilitating anxiety or B) you’re dancing your arse off to the rambunctious surf rock melodies.

You can do either one of these things (or both) tonight at Allen Street Hardware Cafe as a part of Queen City Cartel’s biweekly show series. Space Wolves will be joined by Rochester’s own, The Televisionaries. The show is 1000% free, so you have very few excuses to not go. Check out the Facebook event for more information.