Celebrate getting over the hump tonight with a mid-week show of stellar and intimate tunes at Mohawk Place.

Headlining and making the drive from Philly is the thrilling indie-rock quartet, Past Life. These four have crafted a robust and multi-textured sound that swells with crashing waves of emotion and energy. Expect personal lyrical reflections over electrifying riffs that will make your heart explode. Past Life has a reputation for a lively and rowdy set so don’t miss it.

Dimming the lights and helping you to unwind is the tranquil bedroom folk act, Heave. Sit back and cozy up with singer/guitarist Emily Finlan’s warm, solemn lullabies over a lazy river of guitar string ambience. If you’ve never seen one of Heave’s atmospheric and pensive sets, now’s the perfect chance.

Rounding out the bill like a good kick in the pants are the wild Buffalo art rockers, Venus Vacation. Show is at 8pm, tickets are $5.