Whenever Mac assigns me to write a preview, I quickly listen to a few songs to get a feel for each band and go on writing. I mean, I am sorry, I only have time to listen to so much. It is actually a little unusual that I will get so caught up in the music that I just go and listen to a band’s new cassette from start to finish. This is what happened with Newish Star, playing tonight at the Glitterbox with a host of other bands.

For those unfamiliar, Newish Star plays guitar driven music reminiscent of Jawbreaker and Archers of Loaf. The trio’s latest cassette, How Soon We Forgetwas released this month. It is excellent.

Hailing from New Paltz, Diet Cig also recently released an excellent cassette of earnest, guitar music featuring declamatory vocals. The group is currently on tour in support of the release, Overeasy. Over easy happens to also be my preferred means of preparing an egg. Actually, I have never made an over easy egg, but I always request it at diners.

Joining Diet Cig on tour is another great New Paltz based act playing earnest guitar driven music featuring declamatory vocals, Earl Boykins. This is turning out to be a really great night for earnest guitar driven music featuring declamatory vocals.

Rounding out the evening are two acts with no internet presence so I am not really sure what they are all about, dildoN’t and Getting Dressed. I think I have seen photos of dildoN’t on Instagram and thought, “funny name.” That is all I have, but I am sure both bands are very good.

In conclusion, guitars…earnest…declamatory vocals…recent cassettes…good show, which by the say, starts at 6pm and will cost you $6.