Every Time I Die (ETID for you ETIDIOTS out there) are clear frontrunners in the “Hometown Heroes” category. They’ve toured the world, sold a ton of records, and amassed a legion of fans during their 17-year tenure. What impresses most, however, is their unabashed loyalty to and love of Western New York in spite of all this. They usually play here 3x a year, whether it be as part of a summer festival (singlin’ you out Warped Tour) or for one of their famed Christmas shows.

I’ve seen them a great many times here in countless venues over the years, probably more than any other touring band. The other day, I was trying to think of all the places ETID has played in the area, and that is a history lesson on its own. Here’s my count; the Atomic, the Basement Bar, Cruise Inn, 33 Tyler St, the Funeral Home, Club Infinity, Darien Lake, Town Ballroom, Waiting Room, and Mohawk Place. The list goes on and on.

The one venue that I don’t believe the guys have ever played is the Rapids Theatre in Niagara Falls, and wouldn’t luck have it, they’re playing their tonight (6pm), opening for famed rock act, the Used.

The band will be supporting their critically and commercially acclaimed, From Parts Unknown album (their heaviest yet), and the crushing sounds of Andy and Jordan’s riffage, coupled with the Rapids Theatre undeniably great sound system, is enough to send chills up my spine. Anticipation is running high, especially when you figure buzz worthy acts, the Eeries and Marmozets are opening the show. There are still some tickets left so the time to pounce is now-ish. Be an ETIDIOT, not a regular idiot who sticks arounds and waits for the sell-out.