If you’re into classic throwback electro sounds, then Dreamland has quite the bill for you tonight. Kicking off the party is Buffalo’s very own UVB-76 and Fashion Expo 1990. And the year in Fashion Expo 1990’s name is no misnomer; this is an artist who’s sound is almost completely influenced by the house sounds of yesteryear when artists like 808 State and The KLF ruled the rave scene.

Following that is the electro-funk synth-pop jam of Cop Circles. The Denver-based electronic artist brings a sound that calls on the funk sounds of the 1970’s and the synthesizer music of the 80’s, essentially delivering some Random Access Memories before Daft Punk ever started hanging out with Nile Rogers and Giorgio Morridor.
The show is sure to be one of the finest dance parties you’ll find in Buffalo this summer.

The doors at Dreamland open at 8pm, and a $5 donation is appreciated.