Buffalo Iron Works is where you want to be tonight. Lively garage-rockers Brimstone Blondes will be releasing their debut album, AGE OF CONSENT, tomorrow via Admirable Traits Records, and tonight they will be ripping a righteous release party in celebration of the new record. The Buffalo 4-piece has already dropped the first (chronologically, not sequentially) of the album’s seven tracks, “Social Smokers”—a spastic punch-in-the-gut of a song inspired by “the Coalition of a Smoke-Free City” according to their Facebook page. Tonight’s release show should be pretty wild if the riotous vitality of “Social Smokers” is of any foreshadowing.

But wait, there’s more! Joining the Blondes tonight will be local indie monarchs Wooden Waves and Rochester garage punks Harmonica Lewinski, both bands also having teased fresh new material this year. Poised with one of the summer’s best lineups, tonight’s showcase will not disappoint. 18+, doors at 7pm, $10. As an added bonus, anyone purchasing admission will also receive a download card for Brimstone Blondes’ AGE OF CONSENT free of charge. Boo-yah!