Continuing with this weekend’s Herd Fest festivities, local record shop Black Dots will be hosting another rooftop show this evening.  The show will feature all local acts.  Kicking off the showcase will be fem punk outfit Boy Scouts, followed by fresh local act Alien Three, featuring members of Dream Journal and Failure’s Union.  Up next will be Black Dots imprint Facility Men, and the showcase will be closed out by the psychedelic beatdown hardcore act, Junk Drawer.

As usual, the showcase is free if you have a Herd Fest bracelet, but if not it will be five dollars.  Black Dots is on the corner of Grant and Lafayette.  If weather does not permit the outdoor porch show, the gig will be held inside the store. If you can’t find your way up to the porch,  come down into the shop and someone will direct you. Black Dots is on the corner of Grant and Lafayette.   The show is set to start at 5pm.