Mysterious collective TELLL, coming by way of Austria, brings us a slow burn, folk-tinged indie gem with their single “Garlic.” Morose to a fault (in the best ways), it’s the perfect end of summer slow jam and an easy shoe-in for an end of summer playlist. Big Thief with Adrianne Lenker turned up to 11 (on the morose monitor) is the best comparison I can think of, specifically the observations as the singer looks back on a failed relationship.

This part of the song really gutted me:

Did you cut your hair or leave it
Like I always said you should
Is your cat still on a diet
Or did you give up on that plan?
Do you sometimes,
think of us?

The subtle instrumentals give singer Änn plenty of room to shine and leaves room a instrument to shine at points (spoiler, it’s a trumpet). It’s obvious the band has a strong understanding of composition and “less is more marketing” -seriously I couldn’t find much other than their names and “We work with artists, singers, songwriters, producers and illustrators on eleven songs.”

Honestly? If all we get is ten more songs and they’re all of this caliber I’m absolutely down for that but certainly hope for more! You can hear “Garlic” on Spotify or Apple Music.