We’ve been loving the latest offering from UK-based singer/songwriter Steven Bamidele. “Other Side” is a neo-soul/bedroom-pop hybrid, full of airy oohs, a tight drum sound, and Bamidele’s omni-pleasant vocal delivery. “Side” is super chill with a deep, deep groove that will please fans across the spectrum from Mac Demarco, to Gorillaz, and all the way to Thundercat.

Lyrically, “Other Side” was written as an anthem for the oppressed. Bamidele says:

“I wanted to make a song that anyone who has been subjugated can resonate with, whether that be due to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc…The video needed to reflect this too.”

Check out the stunning music video for “Other Side” below via YouTube – if you like it (and we know you will), be sure to swing by Steven’s Spotify and add it to your favorite playlist.