Shuttle brings a tight synth pop track your way with “Daydreamin’,” off of their most recent EP sharing the same name. Already having amassed nearly two thousand plays on Spotify (in addition to nearly 500k for equally accessible single “Swimming Through Time”), Shuttle is clearly no stranger to melodious pop tracks. I cannot, however, in good conscience recommend “Daydreamin'” to the layperson; in their forward they sent buffaBLOG it was clearly labeled as “music for non-human animals who travel in space.” Would this have been on the soundtrack to Laika, one of the first animals in space (cruelly) part of the Russian’s Sputnik 2? Maybe, maybe not. However, were I to assemble an away team in my “travels,” I would most assuredly choose Shuttle as a stalwart second mate – along with more established luminaries such as MGMT and Tame Impala (M83 can come too).

“Daydreamin’s” carefully coordinated synths will take you out of orbit, the rollicking bass lines will get you to Mars, and the dreamy vocals will take you to infinity… and beyond.

Be sure to check out their Spotify to hear the rest of their robust EP that came to us out of this solar system March 10th, as well as the rest of their catalogue.