Scumfire’s Spotify bio reads:

“Birthed in 2019, became men in 2020. Fueled by Genny and general disdain. No cops allowed, and buddy, believe me when I tell ya, we’re gonna know if you’re a cop.”

If that doesn’t accurately convey what Scumfire is about, then I don’t know what does. On May 21st of 2021 the hardcore punk band out of Buffalo unleashed their Frankenstein of an EP, Trash Film, a four-song EP full of gravel-voiced screams; discordant guitar and bass riffs; and piledriver drum rhythms. It’s accompanied by a music video for “Obsolete Man,” starkly black and white, which accompanies their eardrum-shredding approach perfectly.

Trash Fire is out now via Rochester-based label SORE EAR COLLECTIVE. Stream it on Spotify & Apple Music

Watch “Obsolete Man” on YouTube