Atlanta based Jordan Reynolds is Rose Hotel and her chess-flavored track “King and a Pawn” is her latest single. I have a feeling she isn’t literally talking about a thrilling game of chess, and probably using chess as a lens through which to examine a relationship… You can decide though. Clocking in at just over four minutes, you’ll have Reynolds’ dulcet tones leading the charge with an ensemble of drum/bass/guitar backing her up. Make no mistake: while the instrumentals are impressive this is a lyric-forward track. And why shouldn’t it be? Reynolds carries this entire song on her back with seemingly zero effort and ignoring that just seems silly. Fans of folkier indie like Big Thief, Waxahatchee, and Maggie Rogers will find a lot to enjoy here.

You can hear “King and a Pawn” below from YouTube or over on Spotify. If you’ve enjoyed this track you have the entirety of the album “A Pawn Surrender” to check out as well.