Boston based quintet Paper Lady is one of those bands that is easy to assign a label to, but no single descriptor does them justice. Some accurate terms including but (not limited to) are “Indie,” “dream pop,” and “shoegaze.” We’ve covered them previously here and said of their single, “Starcross” that it was equal parts alt-rock and shoegaze. “Violet,” alongside collaborator Nebulous, definitely strays from the alt-rock and more so embraces a pleasant shoegaze/dream pop medley; you’ll be drawn in and haunted by singer Alli Raina’s vocals and the deliciously layered guitars and effects (be sure to stay to the end for some Björk-esque wailing).

As told by the band:

“[‘Violet’ was] written by our singer Alli Raina about a dream she had where a giant space woman kissed her and she subsequently knew all of the secrets of the universe. She woke up to find that it was only a dream so named the woman Violet and wrote this song for her. The screaming at the end of the song serves as a siren call to her lost love.”

Be sure to check out “Violet” via Spotify or Apple Music and to let us know if you’d like to hear more!