Austin, Texas’ Kato Dox’ ambitious mindset is the thesis for his new single “Gone.”Dox analyzes his come-up’s causation and effects over some hard-hitting production.  He likens his sacrifices and desperation to his conviction in lines like “When God is asleep then the Devil listen, might sell my soul before i turn up missing.”  Kato is relentless behind the mic. His chanting chorus serves as a break from the rapid flows he serves up with each verse. The song takes the fun, care-free elements we often see in rap and couples them with some speculative and reflective commentary. These themes are mirrored in the production, which fuses the trap sound popular in today’s music with some jazzy trumpets. It’s like a conversation at a party that ends up getting deeper than you planned, but it’s great and you roll with it. Give it a listen below.