“Cantonese Dream” is the lead single off of Jason Nolan‘s upcoming LP, Pink Sky in the Real World. His unique blend of bedroom-pop compositions bring a dulcet, incredibly calming voice with a healthy dose of chill wave thrown in. The bass track throughout really unites “Cantonese Dream” and keeps it pulsating with a shimmering energy that never bogs down into mood-setting ambiance. The album itself was written over a four year period of time around the various locales of New Zealand, including a small suburb of Wellington.

The ethereal nature of the track is very much on purpose, as Nolan says regarding the song:

“Cantonese Dream is about being the wrong side of the mirror and feeling like a passenger in your own dream. Depending on the day, it’s about being weak to a lot of the easy temptations and distractions or being open and curious about the peculiarities…the name comes from a dream in which everyone was speaking my mother tongue except I cant speak”

Give “Cantonese Dream” a listen over on Nolan’s Soundcloud or Spotify, and be sure to stay tuned for the full length Pink Sky in the Real World; coming soon.