They Are Gutting A Body of Water is a rather complex name for an emotional, lo-fi solo act by singer/songwriter Doug Dulgarian. Dulgarian, a lead singer to Albany-based Jouska, proudly released late last month via the project’s bandcamp. The album is written as if staring into a looking glass watching a microcosm of the world work its underwhelming wonders. They Are Gutting A Body of Water is as contained as it is immense – the old-fashioned style helps the album both relate to and speak out against modern day apathy, regret, and introspection.

“Swanny Luv” is the first track on this damaged (sound quality adjective) record. Punchy drums keep your mind afloat as the draining music pulls you down into somewhere between awful depression and teary-eyed anger. A special shoutout is given to his mom for being a “G since knee-high.” “Main Breaker” is fronted by a haunted, polka accordion sound and pleasing, booming bass drums. Imagine a creepy wedding waltz in the ruins of a church.

In the fourth song, “Spits,” We luckily hear Dulgarian’s stuffy falsetto. The song speaks about loss of control, the inability to puzzle piece yourself back in to your past life, and the loss of someone close. Change is a thief and a savior. “Morning Person” is the least lo-fi song on They Are Gutting A Body of Water. Still, Dulgarian finds himself bouncing between feeling whether his life is shit or everything, and asks you about yours while he’s at it.

“Play This Song at My Funeral” begins with heartwarming laughter, something TAGABoW needs a little more of. The dizzying vocals are only accompanied by a slow, arpeggiated electric rhythm guitar. Throughout the song’s entirety, Dulgarian’s sorrowful pleas link back to self-unassurance  and hoping he’s done all he can. The final song, “Balloon,” is what sounds to be an old, resonating piano. The song is gentle – you can perfectly picture a helium balloon’s flight after that little kid accidentally lets go…

… And that is They Are Gutting A Body of Water. Dulgarian emanates sounds of Kind of like Spitting, All-Time Quarterback, No Age, and Beat Happening while maintaining an earnest demeanor. Take a gander below.