Grrrl Gang, a power punky trio from Indonesia, brings us their latest track “Better Than Life” off of their new album sharing the same name. We previously covered them here, and had nothing but good things to say then… But to be fair that was mid August and we generally don’t turn on a band that quickly!

You’re immediately assaulted with the full force of the entire band playing their hearts out and singer Angeeta Sentana droning and screaming into the mic a la Karen O. Just when the song reaches its peak, it’s over and you’re onto the next song. I can definitely get behind a song that grips me like that and manages to simultaneously give me what I need while leaving me wanting for more.

I got some Sonic Youth noise vibes with with a touch of Ramones with this track, especially with it coming in at a crisp 1:29. Be sure to check out “Better Than Life” (and the rest of the songs on the EP) over on Spotify.