Genesee Hotel from Buffalo NY claims to create “songs your mother would love,” and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Their debut EP, Strawberry, was born on July 1st of 2021, and it’s due for quite the growth spurt. The project consists of four tracks that represent the stages of a classic night out.

“Strawberry” would be played when closing time comes around at the bar. The slow-but-strong, succulent guitar strums from Nick Sessanna are perfect for a woozy slow dance either accompanied or solo. The lyrics hit in a way that flushes your body with a nostalgic blast of emotions from the past, giving off a premonition that we’re not going to be here forever… Together at least.

“Little One” is the type of song you sing (or scream) to the Uber driver on the ride back home from the bar. Head and hands out the window, letting the wind blow through your hair. Something about the vox from singer/guitarist Anthony Musior, singing righteously through the night telling you to “hold your head up little one” makes me feel like everything’s going to be okay, for the moment.

“Just My Luck” is the song you play when you make it home safe, but alone. Smoking a cigarette and thinking about what you should have said or done, putting your regrets in the ashtray. Before listening, I’d take caution to any breakable objects in the vicinity because the rhythm from Jon Coric on the drums might bring out your inner drummer.

Finally, after you’ve dumped all your regrets in the ashtray, “Broth” is what it sounds like to come to terms with the wicked world we live in. Mike Magoffin on the bass is the glue that holds the other instruments comfortably in place. Running parallel with both guitarists and drummer you’d think this dude had eight fingers on each hand.

You can find Genesee Hotel on Bandcamp (below) or on Spotify or Apple Music.