We find the indie folk of “Winter” by Evelyn super relaxing, and we think it will warm your hearts too. Evelyn is the moniker of singer/songwriter Dani Lencioni; the project has been both a band and a solo vehicle for her. “Winter” is an old tune, but has re-emerged in a new form as an anthem for this particularly isolated winter. The lyrical themes are dead on and the gentle acoustic strumming, shuffling drumbeat, and Lencioni’s lilting presence gives the song an energy like it should be listened to in front of a warm and cozy fire. Cuddle up with your loved one and put on “Winter” – you won’t regret it.

All proceeds from the sale of “Winter” benefit Food Issues Group (foodissuesgroup.org) who are providing meals to folks in need this winter. Check it out below via Bandcamp.