While surprisingly not featuring a single clown in the music video, “Clowns” is Australian musician Elizabeth M. Drummond‘s latest track. Understated guitar and violin glide through with Drummond’s delightfully dulcet vocals, never quite falling into country music (does that exist in Australia?); this is decidedly a folk affair that will perk up the ears of listeners of Bright Eyes or Fleet Foxes. Speaking to the track, Drummond had this to say:

“I wrote this song in 2018, and for some reason, I kept revisiting the demo years later. I re-recorded it with Vincent McIntyre in late 2023. It wasn’t about anyone specifically but rather the idea of walking out on something that you think is wrong or a bit ridiculous, whether it be a situation, a group of people and their values, a belief system, or a past version of yourself that you’ve outgrown or just don’t relate to. I don’t love the idea of calling anyone a “clown” in reality, but in this song, I thought it was kind of funny, and a sense of humour in music is important to me.”

Be sure to check out EMD’s breezy “Clowns” below (in actual music video form, with a fun twist at the end that you won’t see coming). You can also throw it on your folksy playlist over on Spotify or Apple Music.