Dorcester, Massachusetts’ rapper DeAndre is a natural storyteller, and his single “Paper Trail” sucks you in from the very beginning. He starts with “I woke up real early on a Sunday afternoon, checked my phone, looks like I’ll be getting some head so soon,” and it’s clever and hilarious in the same line. He immediately gets onto great lyricism and commentary on the following line “I sip a couple brew, sit and watch the news and I only see the blues, like the only knuckle head from high school that was cool, caught another case.”

He continues on to talk tongue-in-cheekly about race relations, his love life, and more with personality bursting through the words. Ripe with lyrical content, “Paper Trail” gets even more strong with a thunderous chorus, where DeAndre plays with some pounding horns. Listen to “Paper Trail” below and more from DeAndre here.