Buffalo synth-pop producer brat’ya (aka Alek Ogadzhanov) debut full-length Nightwalker is driven by layered, melodic instrumentation and inventive sound design to make for a lush, hook-laden release. The release is brat’ya’s first collaboration with internet savvy / futuristic chillwave label Business Casual.

Opening track “Glow” kicks things off with an introspective pop jam with bright synth leads and engaging vocals. Using Daft Punk-esque vocoded vocals on “Goodbye,” brat’ya creates a nostalgic feel with its’ benevolent duet and pensive tone.

Whether going for a more downtempo, melancholic sound on tracks like the ballad “Relief” and “Pretend” or more buoyant tracks like the sprightly title track “Nightwalker” and “Radio,” brat’ya’s ability to craft memorable hooks from a wide range of textures makes Nightwalker an immersive listen that reveals a focused collection of compelling pop.

While the direct, synth-led leanings are reminiscent of artists like Passion Pit and M83, the dense bass and vibrant drums bring to mind Toro y Moi and Neon Indian. Nightwalker is available for download on Bandcamp or on limited edition cassette. Listen Below.