It’s Bisexual Awareness Week! We live in a society that loves to compartmentalize sex, and because of that, non-monosexual individuals are up against low cognizance from the public and difficulty expressing themselves to the community, which translates into their private and intimate lives. There are many identities under the polysexual umbrella, like fluid, queer, pansexual—a helpful image is included below! According to Autostraddle, individuals who fall in identities under this love umbrella face very low rates of being “out” about their sexuality (28%) opposed to the rate among gay and lesbian individuals (70%). Autostraddle also has a badass-and-bi list of important things you can do this week!


Here are forty super-hot, super-sensitive, sometimes-sad-sometimes-triumphant songs that are either by openly bisexual artists, or about fluid sexuality! Or both. Because you can be both.

1) “For Our Elegant Caste” – Of Montreal
2) “Lola” – The Raincoats
3) “Pink Matter” – Frank Ocean ft. Andre 3000
4) “Somebody to Love” – Queen
5) “Late Bloomer” – Jenny Lewis
6) “In and Out” – Ani DiFranco (sadly not on Spotify)
7) “Me Against the Music” – Britney Spears ft. Madonna
8) “One More Hour” – Sleater Kinney
9) “Starman” – David Bowie
10) “White Houses” – Vanessa Carlton
11) “Not a Pretty Girl” – Ani diFranco
12) “The Battle” – Missy Higgins
13) “Chandelier” – Sia
14) “Poker Face” – Lady Gaga
15) “Tim, I Wish You Were Born a Girl” – Of Montreal
16) “Deceptacon” – Le Tigre
17) “Rebel Girl” – Bikini Kill
18) “Where I Stood” – Missy Higgins
19) “Strawberry Gashes” – Jack Off Jill
20) “Super Rich Kids” – Frank Ocean ft. Earl Sweatshirt
21) “Piece of my Heart” – Janis Joplin
22) “Lollipop” – Mika
23) “Don’t Stop Me Now” – Queen
24) “One of Us” – Joan Osborne
25) “Oasis” – Amanda Palmer
26) “Boys Wanna Be Her” – Peaches
27) “It Was My Season” – Okkervil River
28) “Satellite of Love” – Lou Reed
29) “Coin-Operated Boy” – The Dresden Dolls
30) “I’m Waiting for the Man” – The Velvet Underground
31) “The Magic Position” – Patrick Wolf
32) “A Favor” – Okkervil River
33) “Redondo Beach” – Patti Smith
34) “Expectations” – Belle & Sebastian
35) “Suffragette City” – David Bowie
36) “If it Isn’t Her” – Ani diFranco
37) “Pink Triangle” – Weezer
38) “I U She” – Peaches
39) “I Kissed a Girl” – Katy Perry
40) “Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)” – Garbage

(Author’s note: These are just forty songs—I know there are a ton more! Feel free to comment with or post some more!)