Erie County rapper Bill $aber kicks off his latest project with a chorus of “If I fuck your bitch, my n***a do not get to stressing.” Its bold, nonchalant nature relays the confidence of the man behind the mic. On I.P.I.C $aber is a junkyard dog, dropping intense, aggressive floetry in a calculated manner.

Opening track “Kum and Go” sets the standard, but the blueprint for $aber’s sound seems to happen on “You Talk it I Live it.” Atdenn’s sparse production leaves clean space for head nods and for $aber to preach his gospel of weird raunchiness, evidenced on lines like”If I don’t fuck she gonna pout.” Atdenn and Boyfriend make appearances on several cuts on here too and work right in with the aesthetic. The $aber crew are a raunchy, odd outfit perfectly comfortable saying exactly what they want.

Playful keys are building blocks for a ton of these beats (“Homicide $aber 1,” “You Talk it I Live it,” and “Get Gone” among the most notable). They provide an open landscape for $aber and also encourage the chanting choruses Bill busts out to stick in your head. Perhaps the best is “F.O.M.F” or “Fuck Out My Face,” where $aber tells some fucks to do just that. Flows are all over the place on here, from that serial killer flow $aber uses throughout, to some straight up ridiculous shriek-rapping. The dichotomy of the two is startling.

$aber’s sound brings the grittiness of the southern Florida scene to the 716. It’s a frequent theme of I.P.I.C that he’s not one to be fucked with, but the thing with $aber is that you can hear that in the songs without him even saying it. I.P.I.C. is cold and calculated, but lets in moments of humor and obscenity that can only be smiled at. Each song is worth the listen, if only to see which side of Bill $aber comes out. Press play.