You just can’t ignore the huge synthwave energy from Leeds-based act Big Softy – we recommend starting with their latest single, “Supercomputer.” Reminiscent of the mid-aughts indie-dance-rock greats (think LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, etc.), “Supercomputer” is full of disco-inspired percussion and basslines; robotic, space-age lyrics; and huge bursts of synth and guitar. The best part about “Supercomputer” is it’s just slightly left-of-center – that little bit off-kilter energy really helps set this apart from the pack. The lyrics are purposely a little inhuman to give a cold, AI-inspired affectation – it must be heard to be adequately experienced.

Enjoy “Supercomputer” via the Soundcloud widget below – you can also find it on Spotify if that’s more your thing.