Portland based duo Bees In A Bottle have a new album set to release April 14, 2023 and their new single “Jealous Mistress” is your first taste of the upcoming project. The new album will be a collection of songs that each explore the stories of women who’ve lost a man they loved in the music industry to suicide or drug addiction. “Jealous Mistress” is a satisfying yet gut-punching continuation of the married couple’s work, they are employing their cathartic and moody songwriting to tell the tale of a woman whose husband’s recently achieved fame as a rock star sees him abandon his family and eventually take his own life. Christine McAllister sings poignantly asking “Was it the push of the crowd? Or the pull of death?” asking as our widowed wife, pleading to understand how it all could have happened. Fans of Mountain Goats, The Decemberists, or Against Me! can all find lots to love from this new single.

Listen to “Jealous Mistress” now on Spotify. Find more from Bees In A Bottle on their Instagram and linktree.