Hot off the presses from her new self-titled EP, Amelie Lucille‘s lead single “Because of You” is a dazzling folk-tinged alt pop gem. With inspirations ranging anywhere from The Cure to Fleetwood Mac and Björk, Amelie certainly has some eclectic tastes that display beautifully in her music. Not to bury the lede, but at a mere 14 years of age, she cannot legally purchase an alcoholic beverage at any venue I’m familiar with (and I’ve been to a lot!)

Speaking on the inspiration behind her debut EP: ““I want to live in any time besides now. I am almost 15 and I envy anyone that was able to experience the world when it wasn’t so impersonal. The movies, the style, the people, but most of all, the music. I dream of seeing my favorite bands live…”

You absolutelymust lend your ears to Amelie’s music. Having had to endure such musical majesties as “Burn, Die” (I’ll let you guess the chorus and refrain) at my local B&G Club in my youth, I can assure you that Amelie is worlds away from many of the musical contemporaries of my youth spent in a cornfield.

You can hear “Because of You” along with the rest of Amelie Lucille’s EP on Spotify.