buffaBLOG and Gold Spectacles have a long, storied history – in case you’ve missed all of our previous articles, you can find them here and here and here and… here. They’ve certainly caught our ears a number of times, so it’s no surprise that they’ve nailed it yet again, this time on effervescent new single, “Man or Machine.” Twinkly synth sprinkles and spaghetti-Western guitar tones give this one a lighthearted feel and the perfect backbone for soothing, cooed vocal melodies. Sure, Gold Spectacles know how to write a hook, but they also know how to inject some true meaning into their songs – here’s what they had to say about “Machine” below:

“… the lyric[s] came after chatting about a person that is very close to our hearts and how gritty they are. They have this deeply caring nature and desire to make sure everyone is OK even down to organising the small details of others lives, while actually being quite stoic and unemotional about what they themselves have been through. These types of people seem to get all they need to feel fulfilled by serving others. I guess we all need to be a bit more like that sometimes. We came to the conclusion that some people just love to make other people feel like they’ve been wrapped up in a blanket.”

You can find “Man or Machine” on Spotify and Apple Music.